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Did you know that chronic diseases - like cancer, heart diseases, strokes, diabetes - account for the majority of the most common health problems and cause of deaths all over the world? According to WHO, 70% of all deaths are due to chronic diseases. Apart from the obvious personal costs it is also expensive for our societies. Treating people with chronic diseases accounts for 86% of all health care costs.

What is mind blowing, however, is that it is rather easy to avoid these chronic diseases, as these are mainly linked to our diet and our intake of sugar - it is not due to our genetics, as many of us tend to believe.


Health Republic is a reaction to the lack of action in our Western societies.

Why are the public health care systems so stocked with the old believes and not willling to look at new research?

Why are there no bigger independent studies (not funded by the pharma-, food- or sugar industies) looking on the benefits of food as medicine?


  • Did you know that you can significantly reduce the risk of getting chronic diseases like cancer by eating anti-inflammatory food?
  • Did you know that the newest research shows that the gut is the organ mostly in charge of our health? - not the heart or the brain.
  • Did you know that 80% of the immune system is formed in our guts? Read more about this important discoveries in the science of health here.
  • Do you want to get an update and insights on the newest research on health and food you don't get from the conventional health care system or the medical world?
  • Did you know how easy it is to take charge and boost your immune system with easy smoothie recipes?


We want to take a stand - and hope you will contribute to the debate on how we can prevent diseases and so much badbeing, so easily. We wish to motivate and educate you to take charge of your health and convince you that eating proper food is a way to boost your immune system, and get a more energised, vitalised and disease-free life - now and in the future. It is all about knowledge. And knowledge provides you with power and ability to take a critical approach to the conventional learnings.


Please search around the site and find inspiration, knowledge and practical guidelines to a healthier life.

Take a stand on the food you eat - it's an investment with a huge return

What you get

A practical guide to make simple, yet extremely important, changes to your diet

as well as explanations of why.

Understanding of the fundamental link between the brain,

immune system and the gut.


Tips, tricks and knowledge to a healthy life

- not the ones you already know...


Newest scientific research about health


Healthy, easy recipes


Which food can prevent and cure diseases and malfunctions


The Vital gut

Gut, brain, immune system connection

If you don't nurse the trillions of friendly bacteria in your gut, you can eat as healthy as you want - but will not get anything out of it. Read about the "new black" in health research

Boost-your-immune-system shake


Recipes with shakes and salads which can be the cornerstone in your changed life style.

Give yourself a nice dose of purple morning-love - it feels great!


the scientific research behind how to boost your immune system


inspiration about how to be in charge of your own health


simple, yet powerful, recipes on how to boost your immune system and health


Contribute to the increasing interest in healthy living


Empower you to take charge of your own health

By providing fundamental knowledge and insights


Make you understand the importance of how much your choices matter

It takes less effort than you think to make significant changes - and it feels great


Make you understand the importance of prevention

Prevent rather than cure





The immune system can cause Alzheimer's


Breakthrough research shows that a faulty immune system could CAUSE Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease. Look after your immune system, and it will look after you!








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