The vital gut

The connection between

immune system, gut and brain


This connection is so crucial to your health. But it is still unknown to many people how crucial a role the gut plays in both our physical health AND our brain health - and that fostering good bacteria leads to our overall well-being.

We find that this knowledge is so extremely important that it needs much more attention. Hopefully, one day soon, it will become common knowledge in the health care system as well.


In order to understand why the food we eat is so important to our health we should understand that we have 3 large "gears" in our body:


  • The blood - with the heart as center. The highway for the immune system.
  • The nervous system - with the brain as center. The connection between our organs and cells.
  • The gut - with the 100 trillion bacterias as center. A major role in the production of hormones, vitamins and keeping our immune system healthy.


These 3 overall gears ensure that we can breathe, think, move, protect ourselves and basically function as human beings.

The heart and the brain are highly researched and prestigious areas in the medical world. It is not until the last decade researchers really started to pay attention to the wonders of the micro-biome (our 100 trillion bacteria (!) that communicate with one another) have a tremendous impact on how we function as human beings.


You might have been brought up with the believe that bacteria are only negative, but actually 95% of bacteria are needed (DETTE SKAL VI LIGE HAVE DOBBELTTJEKKET) in order to have a strong immune system. And 80% of our immune system is produced in the gut. So the trillions of bacteria in the gut have now become our friends - not solely enemies.

You might think that bacteria are only negative, but actually 95% of bacteria are needed in order to have a strong immune system

With the new knowledge of our micro-biota (the bacteria in the gut) it has become clear that the brain and the heart are not the only organs which deserve attention. They are simply not the only organs in charge.


If you are new in this gut-knowledge - read on here and learn about the importance of the importance of our gut to our health. We have been strongly inspired by the book of Giulia Enders "Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body's Most Underrated Organ". It is a must-read if you are interested in your own and your closests well-being. This knowledge has definitely changed our understanding of how food impacts our health and made us understand that food affects our immune system, the way we think and our mental health.


Take a conscious choice about what you eat!








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