Prevent cancer by eating anti-inflammatory!

November 2016 \\ Category: Cancer


Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide, but research now finds that is possible to prevent and sometimes overcome cancer with more focus on the right food. Cancer rates are projected to increase by 68% from now until 2030 (1).


These numbers are scary but it is really positive that we reduce our risk of cancer by 90-95% by changing our life style. It is actually possible to prevent and sometimes even overcome cancer.


First and foremost you need to empower yourself, change your lifestyle and take responsibility of your own health.


The conventional pharmaceutical industry do not research in the field of natural and altenative medicine (CAM) simply because they can’t patent lifestyle, sleep, vegetables, herbs etc.


Money talks, as always. It is not possible to patent a beetroot. Therefore, there is no “clinical evidence” that shows the benefit of good nutrition and no “real proof” for the effect. You can read more about the bias in research from the pharmaceutical industry here (insert link to article).


The number of new cancer cases will rise by almost 70% (to 22 million) within the next 2 decades. More than 60% of the world’s new cancer cases occur in Africa, Asia, and Central and South America (3). As they adapt to the western way of living - eating processed food, going away from their original way of living, their risk of cancer increase significantly. Unfortunately everything indicates that these regions will follow the footprints of the western death statistics.


It seems like we don't learn anything and turn towards a life style which is about doing everything faster and faster. Including the art of eating. And in our strive towards speed we turn towards fast processed food and thereby sacrifice our health.









  • 14 mio new cases registred in 2012 (latest figures from WHO)
  • 8,2 mio cancer related deaths worldwide
  • Denmark and the US have the highest rate across all cancer types.








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