The background for Health Republic


In our own process of learning about healthy living, we have had so many eye-openers on food and drink, that we decided to launch Heath Republic.


Health Republic is a result of our own research, understanding and acknowledgement of the importance of improving our own health and that of future generations. We have been puzzled and provoked by the lack of focus on food and drink from the conventional institutions of public health.


We have a sincere wish that by providing this information we can create understanding and ACTION.


We want us all to take a stand on the food and drink we feed our bodies with every day and has become part of a normal (but not right) diet. We will use this knowledge to provide you with easy tips on how to take a stand and change.


Health Republic wants you stop and think. Information on the site is all second hand research. It is however based on sound research from the most recognised universities in the world. It is remarkable how a lot of the research goes against what we have always been told - or not been told!! We hope we can give you the relevant insights to take an active choice on how you wish to prioritise your health by getting a fuller picture on how to live healthily.


This new knowledge has certainly changed our lifestyles - we hope the same will happen to you!!

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Our fundamental belief on health


There is a tendency to put our health in the hands of someone else than ourselves. We expect someone else to act when we get sick.


But many of us forget (or don't know) that we can do so much ourselves if we just understand how our body and mind works - just on an overall level.


Many health professionals have in our point of view a limited vision of health. Most doctors, we have met, only see a small part of the human being. And they focus on curing, rather than preventing. Doctors learn very little about nutrition during their medicine studies - and in our experience have little interest in the subject.


Human beings tend to look for simplicity and we want answers, hence, we accept the authority of a doctor. We want somebody to take charge and relieve us of responsibility.

We hope that this site will help you to be more aware of the immense opportunities a healthy life style provides.

We hope that this site will help you to be more aware of the immense opportunities a healthy life style with the right knowledge of food and drink provides.

The research approach


  • We have gathered information on how to prevent and beat diseases and boost your immune system.
  • We are a 100% non-profit site.
  • We have no intention of selling neither information nor products.
  • Our team validates all the information you receive here. We have gathered a lot of information and hope you will find it useful in your search for a healthier life.
  • All the information is based on other sources. Although we are aiming at being as objective as possible, there is obviously a bias in this. We mainly focus on alternative approaches to strengthen our immune system and beat diseases. Therefore our interest in the mainstream medical research is limited.
  • "The Health Republic does not endorse companies or products” and we have no association with or revenues from third parties.

Frederik Mellentin


I was forced to change my life completely in 1998 at the age of 32 due to a severe brain haemorrhage due to a stressful and generally unhealthy life style. This brain bleed changed my life completely.

It forced my to rethink my life and take charge of my own health - and not solely rely on conventional medicine and doctors.

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Nina Langkilde


I'm a true food enthusiast and at the same time have a background in communications and marketing from Copenhagen Business School. This combination must be exploited. I have a constant curiosity of how things can be done differently and question the status quo. Therefore, Health Republic has a very special place in my heart. I love to see good ideas grow - especially when it comes to health and getting the best out of life. This is what Health Republic is all about.

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